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  • Spina Bifida

    Spina bifida means cleft spine, which is an incomplete closure in the spinal column. The 4 types of spina bifida are

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  • Spleen Problems

    Because the spleen can be affected differently by different diseases, it is difficult to say how many children have spleen problems.

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  • Students With Chronic Health Conditions: Guidance for Families, Schools, and Students

    School is more than a place to gain knowledge and skills. It also is a place where children meet new friends and learn about themselves and other important life lessons. Because children spend many hours in school, it is important that it be a safe and supportive environment for all children.

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  • Tracheostomy

    The Care Plan should address

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  • Turner Syndrome

    Turner syndrome is a genetic condition that only affects girls and women. It occurs when 1 of the 2 X chromosomes normally found in females is missing or incomplete.

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  • Visual Impairments
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  • Your Preemie’s Growth: Developmental Milestones

    Information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about developmental milestones for your preterm baby (also known as preemie).

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